Create something fun

I’m surprised and delighted about my enthusiasm at organizing a new internal event at the company I work at. It reminds me of this feeling I had when creating new events during my time as startup enthusiast and activist in my area. This excitement at bringing folks together and doing something fun. And it’s such a great feeling to spread this enthusiasm to my colleagues who are pleased and ready for this adventure. Let’s see how it goes.

What I’m doing now

A while ago I came across the idea of Derek Sivers to set up a NOW page on your website, which has become a real movement. The wonderful thing about this page is that you share what is important to you now, what your current projects are, not just related to your work.

My last update was in June 2022. In the meantime, so many things have happened and changed in my life. So I did an update. You can find it here.

Blind Drawing

At the weekend I learned the techniques of slow looking and blind drawing in a course run by the lovely London Drawing Group. The course was inspired by the artist Louise Bourgeois. So we looked at some of her sculptures slowly and drew them without looking at the paper.

Here’s what came out of it for me:

It was fun, but you also become aware of details that you might miss if you don’t look too closely.

My idea now is to practice this for a while. Blindly drawing something I see or imagine in front of me.

I’m curious to see if this is something that can be improved.

Today I drew the silhouette of Batman. I was surprised by the result. It was better than expected. Even though he looks a bit like the Hunchback of the Batcave.

What we also learned is to do a quick (almost) blind drawing and then take a bit more time to refine it.

So I took a bit of time and refined it. If you can call it that.

I’ll do more of these and keep you posted.

The year of challenges

This year seems to be the year of challenges.

What shows that I really mean it: I have my laptop with me on the way to my Friday night date to write my daily post for my 31-day blog challenge! How committed is that!

Today I started my second challenge: to go running 20 times this year. That’s totally doable, but last year I didn’t make it because of lack of commitment.

What makes me optimistic is that I didn’t feel any resistance today. I just put on my running clothes and my brand new and wonderful running shoes and out for a run!

Let’s see how it goes.

Fluffy morning

The first highlight of the day usually comes right after getting up: Cuddling with our sleeping or snoozing dog on his Ikea kids‘ mattress. I love his sleep-warm fluffy chest and the smell of hay in his fur. Sometimes he purrs like a cat, only lower, which almost sounds like a growl. A gentle wake-up ritual.


With this post, I’m halfway through my first challenge of the year: 31 daily blogposts.

It’s not the first time I’ve made this attempt, and I’m pretty excited that it’s the longest row of posts I’ve ever done before.

But to be honest, as usual I would have given up after a few days, if, yes if, this time I didn’t just have an accountability partner doing the challenge with me, BUT THE BEST ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER YOU CAN IMAGINE!

I am so lucky!

On to the next 15 days!

Buy or DIY

I bought this birthday card for my aunt:

Then I thought: No! And made this one:

Birthdays are a great opportunity to practice some collage skills. Want to do this more often. Who is the next one?