Hello and welcome to my NOW page!

last update: 01 April 2022

Here you’ll find what’s on my mind, what I’m working on, what I’m thinking about and reflecting on. What I am reading. What I am listening to. What I am doing.

This site is inspired by the wonderful Derek Sivers, who has created a real movement of it. You can find other people who also have a Now Page HERE. And maybe this will inspire you to create your own too. I recommend it! (You can find my profile here.)

So, what’s up in april?

Rethinking RuhrGründer

These days are tough for optimists like me. Or maybe these are the days for optimists!

What I’m thinking about is how to look forward in the face of all those horrible things happening in the world. And how can I contribute to that with RuhrGründer?

I want to look for solutions for the big issues – food, energy, education, living, work, nature, you name it. And I want to find them here in Ruhr Region, the place to be. At least for me.

Let’s see, where this goes.

I’m rethinking. Ideas are welcome!

Learning: Solutions Journalism

That said, I came about the concept and network of Solutions Journalism when listening to the On being podcast episode with Trabian Shorters. Solutions journalism is about telling stories about things people do in response to a social issue. Nothing to do with PR or only telling good news. I REALLY LIKE this idea and want to learn more about it with this great free material.


Annette Kehnel: Wir konnten auch anders – Eine kurze Geschichte der Nachhaltigkeit

Found that as a recommendation in the NABU magazine. I’ve been a proud member of NABU for a few months and love all their magazines and newsletters!

Ok, back to Annette Kehnel. As a historian she looks at concepts of sustainable living in the past, before modernism. Before capitalism! Of which I think this is what really sucks right now. Kehnel’s approach: „Wenden wir uns der Vergangenheit zu, um die Zukunft besser in den Blick nehmen zu können. Mit dem Ziel, jenen größeren Rahmen zu erfassen, der Handlungsspielräume eröffnet.“ Inspiration from the past for the future.

Von der Zukunft erzählen – one more time?

So for me a lot is about telling the future. With the hope of mobilising people for change. To make a difference.

Maybe there will be a second edition of the project „Von der Zukunft erzählen“, which I organised last year together with Dr. Martin Kiel (the black frame) and Bande für Gestaltung for the Economic Development Agency Dortmund. We are currently thinking about a second edition. Let’s see…

Successful transition from self-employment to employment

Who would have thought six months ago that after ten years of self-employment I would take up an employment? Not me!

But then there was this opportunity and I – fully in experimentation mode – just took it. And so I have been working as a PR editor at QuinScape since 1 November 2021. Almost half a year now. And I’m still there. Enjoying it! So I guess the transition worked out.


Cat Power: Covers

Total wonderfulness! Favourite song: „Unhate“ which is a cover of her own song „Hate“ from 2006, one of my all-time favourites. Also wonderful: „These Days“, „It wasn’t God who made Honky Tonk Angels“, and all the others too.