Hello and welcome to my NOW page!

last update: 09 June 2022

Here you’ll find what’s on my mind, what I’m working on, what I’m thinking about and reflecting on. What I am reading. What I am listening to. What I am doing.

This site is inspired by the wonderful Derek Sivers, who has created a real movement of it. You can find other people who also have a Now Page HERE. And maybe this will inspire you to create your own too. I recommend it! (You can find my profile here.)

Going back into real life. More than before.

At least I have this feeling. I want to go back into life. See something else than my four walls in my home office or the neighorhood. I want to be real, do real things and meet real people. Not banned into a screen. I want reconnect. I want real experiences. I want to discover and explore. Explore real life. More than ever. To the fullest.

Progress of my 22for2022 Project

Want to learn more about my 22for2022 project? Highly recommend to make your own list. No matter which month. Come up with 22 items and be amazed at the magic that happens.