Welcome to my now Page

Here you’ll find what’s on my mind, what I’m working on, and what I’m thinking about and reflecting on. What I am reading. What I am listening to. What I am doing.

his site is inspired by the wonderful Derek Sivers, who has created a real movement of it. You can find other people who also have a Now Page HERE. And maybe this will inspire you to create your own too. I recommend it! (You can find my profile here.)

I work full-time as a PR manager at an IT company called QuinScape. There I take care of internal and external communication, create and publish newsletters, organize events, and write case studies about successful client projects and blogposts employer branding topics. I really enjoy diving deeper into the world of data, which is at the core of our business.

I love the variety of tasks and working with a team that is a joy to work with.

After giving up my own PR business on the one hand and my long-term blog and podcast project on the other hand last year, I am now back in the flow of unfolding and developing what I am interested in. And I allow myself to not be an expert at it and to practice and let things happen.

Almost all my life I’ve kept a diary, which means I have filled many, many notebooks with words. Last year, with Linda Barry’s book „Making comics“, I started drawing comics and also making collages. I’ve used both as a way to express myself in my journals.

That was really a game-changer for me. And this year I want to continue with that and use the different forms to reflect on daily life in my journal.

I have a blog challenge going on with my friend Karen. And I’m pretty sure I’ll achieve it because I’m already on day 25 of 31. What could happen?

I read Jennifer Egan’s „A visit from the Goon Squad“ for the second time, but for the first time in English. I have also started to delve into Rosi Braidotti’s philosophy of the posthuman.

I value these things in daily life:

  • my morning rituals that ground my day
  • going out with friends again
  • daily walks outside with my dog Cooper
  • having a strong relationship with my partner
  • spending as much time with my family as possible

And I love to play Wordle!