Autor: Carmen Radeck

Yellow flower thing


I made this small collage a few days ago from some of my scraps and this one particular lovely yellow flower thing. It was made by my dear friend and wonderful Wisconsin-based artist Karina Cutler-Lake. I found it in a box full of collage material she had sent me some weeks ago. It’s always a special pleasure to use her scraps in my collage experiments.

What does one do with things?


Storage When I moved from one house to anotherthere were many things I had no roomfor. What does one do? I rented a storagespace. And filled it. Years passed.Occasionally I went there and looked in,but nothing happened, not a singletwinge of the heart.As I grew older the things I caredabout grew fewer, but were moreimportant. So one day I undid the lockand called the trash man. He tookeverything.I felt like the little donkey whenhis burden […]