Autor: Carmen Radeck

5-Minuten Collagen


Um mal wieder in den Flow zu kommen, habe ich mich in den Onlinekurse „Exporing Collage“ von Lydia Rink angemeldet. Ein paar Techniken ausprobieren, dran bleiben und gucken, was sich so entwickelt. Die erste Übung ist ein Warm-up. Kiste mit Schnipseln rausholen, 10 cm x 10 cm Substrat, fünf Minuten Zeitlimit. Hab ich auch so ziemlich eingehalten. Auch eine Idee, das als kreative 5-Minuten-Pause beim Home Office mal einzusetzen.

Yellow flower thing


I made this small collage a few days ago from some of my scraps and this one particular lovely yellow flower thing. It was made by my dear friend and wonderful Wisconsin-based artist Karina Cutler-Lake. I found it in a box full of collage material she had sent me some weeks ago. It’s always a special pleasure to use her scraps in my collage experiments.

What does one do with things?


Storage When I moved from one house to anotherthere were many things I had no roomfor. What does one do? I rented a storagespace. And filled it. Years passed.Occasionally I went there and looked in,but nothing happened, not a singletwinge of the heart.As I grew older the things I caredabout grew fewer, but were moreimportant. So one day I undid the lockand called the trash man. He tookeverything.I felt like the little donkey whenhis burden […]