Through the year with Patti Smith

Patti Smith „A Book of Days“ (Foto: Carmen Radeck)

I came to Patti Smith quite late in life. Not through her music, but through her book „Just Kids“, a birthday present from a friend. I didn’t know anything about her life and wasn’t really interested in her music. But when I read her book, I was blown away. It became one of my all-time favorite books.

What impressed me most about Patti Smith was not only her wisdom, but especially her kindness. I’ve never experienced anything like that in a human being. What I also love is her life-affirming attitude.

As a Christmas gift from my parents, I unwrapped Patti’s „A Book of Days.“ It will be my companion through the year. The first entry for January 1 is:

A new year is unfolding, the unknown before us, brimming with possibilities.

Patti Smith

This year can’t be that bad.

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