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I need those grounding rituals in the morning, like walking outside, no matter what the weather is like. As a dog owner, you (and your dog) have no choice but to go outside every day. After several grey and rainy days, I was especially grateful to enjoy a beautiful clear sky with sun and moon at the same time and all colours from a soft blue to pink. And that I was fortunate to experience […]

This weekend: Calming, grounding, inspiring


This weekend was particularly calming, grounding and inspiring. Calming and grounding: Long walks in the morning and late afternoon with my partner and our dog in places we don’t often walk. Grounding: We watched „Nomadland“ for the first time on Saturday. After watching the film, I felt a bit anxious, especially thinking about getting older and being alone. Interestingly, this (Sunday) morning I read a quote by Gabor Maté: „Safety is not a question of […]