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I need those grounding rituals in the morning, like walking outside, no matter what the weather is like. As a dog owner, you (and your dog) have no choice but to go outside every day. After several grey and rainy days, I was especially grateful to enjoy a beautiful clear sky with sun and moon at the same time and all colours from a soft blue to pink. And that I was fortunate to experience […]

Eight years of morning walks: Happy Birthday Cooper!


This is our dog Cooper. Today is his 8th birthday. As he is my first dog, these eight years also mean eight years of morning walks almost every day for me. Hundreds of sunrises and even more grey skies. Morning walks have become one of my daily rituals that I don’t want to miss. No matter what the weather’s like. Today’s morning walk was full of these moments I love about morning walks. Wonderful views, […]