Disorganised but happy


Last year was a year of big decisions for me.

One of them was to give up my career as a self-employed PR journalist.

The problem with my decisions is that as soon as I make them they are done for me.

So I’m in that state of mind, but there are still all these unsexy things to do, like deregistering my business and doing all this admin stuff.

And then all of a sudden there comes a time when I think I should do this right now. And then it might be too late for something or I might not find a document I need.

Today was exactly that day. And I filled in all the documents and wasn’t sure about some things and hopefully, that won’t be to my disadvantage.

Even though I was self-employed for more than ten years, one constant was my disorganisation.

Nevertheless, it has now brought me to a place and state that feels completely right for me.

So I accept up to this point my disorganisation and just keep trying to be less so in the future. Who knows, maybe it will work someday.

Der Autor

I'm a communications professional and collage enthusiast living in the Ruhr region in Germany.