Blind Drawing


At the weekend I learned the techniques of slow looking and blind drawing in a course run by the lovely London Drawing Group. The course was inspired by the artist Louise Bourgeois. So we looked at some of her sculptures slowly and drew them without looking at the paper.

Here’s what came out of it for me:

It was fun, but you also become aware of details that you might miss if you don’t look too closely.

My idea now is to practice this for a while. Blindly drawing something I see or imagine in front of me.

I’m curious to see if this is something that can be improved.

Today I drew the silhouette of Batman. I was surprised by the result. It was better than expected. Even though he looks a bit like the Hunchback of the Batcave.

What we also learned is to do a quick (almost) blind drawing and then take a bit more time to refine it.

So I took a bit of time and refined it. If you can call it that.

I’ll do more of these and keep you posted.

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