AuthorCarmen Radeck

Carmen is a journalist, podcaster and passionate activist for the start-up scene in the Ruhr region. She has been running the startup blog RuhrGründer since 2014 and is co-founder of events such as RuhrSummit, Fuckup Nights Ruhrgebiet and Female Founders Ruhr.

Spirals, Shapes and then it goes wild

It begins with an empty mind. Then with some magic pencils and paper the spirals come to happen. Then shapes occur.

Then there is water and brushes doing their thing.

Then there are magazines and the scalpel.

Then paint comes into play and it goes wild.

I think it’s not ready yet. Tomorrow is another day.

And then Britney came along

I was a bit uninspired and didn’t know what make. So I flipped through some magazines and then Britney came along. A feature about her tragic story. In a brochure I found this nice pattern. And with some tape and glue I put those two together. Even though I made a mistake with two stripes at first, I like the outcome.

I finished my 1st Diary this year

I finished my first diary of the year today. 240 pages. From 21 January to 19 March. It’s thick. Lots of additional paper in it. Because of many collages. Where was I mentally at the beginning of the book? Maybe I’ll flip through the pages later. But maybe not. Don’t feel like looking back today. Rather looking ahead. No. Rather be here and now. Enjoying what remains of the sunday evening.

I love Clouds

I visited my parents today. They live in their flat on the 5th floor in Essen-Überruhr. The view is amazing. Most of the times there are some really impressive clouds. Especially today.