Unfinished Things


Last year I made a 22for2022 list. It was inspired by my far away in Australia living friend Karen. What I love about her lists is that it’s not meant to be a bucket list (which I hate) or resolutions but more an inspiration for doing something new, something fun to experiment with.

So I made this list last year:

To make such a list and come up with a certain amount of things that meant to be joyful or good for my self-care was the best part of this project.

Most of the „tasks“ I didn’t accomplish. I even forgot about the list over the year. But that’s ok.

And of course it didn’t hold me back to make a new list. A 23for2023. It was quickly made as I put several of the old list on it. Not very inspiring.

So I thought that instead of just writing them down I could do something more fancy. But fancier also meant more work. For each item I make a little drawing and cut out a fancy number from a fancy calendar.

23for23 unfinished

As you can see my list is still a work in progress. But the good thing is that over time I’ve come up with better ideas than I jotted down before.

This even goes for the list itself. I started with the „title“ and number 23. Then I had the idea to draw myself doing the things. So number 23 looks different than the others.

I try to not pressure myself and be ok with an unfinished list. It’s not unlikely that it will remain unf

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I'm a communications professional and collage enthusiast living in the Ruhr region in Germany.