This weekend: Calming, grounding, inspiring

Sunday morning walk (Foto: Carmen Radeck) This weekend was particularly calming, grounding and inspiring. Calming and grounding: Long walks in the morning and late afternoon with my partner and our dog in places we don’t often walk. Grounding: We watched „Nomadland“ for the first time on Saturday. After watching the film, I felt a bit anxious, especially thinking about getting...

Walking when the sun goes down

Foto: Carmen Radeck

I love the mood and atmosphere of a walk between afternoon and evening right before the sun goes down.

It’s such a quieting feeling with the promise of coming home and rest.

Eight years of morning walks: Happy Birthday Cooper!

Foto: Carmen Radeck This is our dog Cooper. Today is his 8th birthday. As he is my first dog, these eight years also mean eight years of morning walks almost every day for me. Hundreds of sunrises and even more grey skies. Morning walks have become one of my daily rituals that I don’t want to miss. No matter what the weather’s like. Today’s morning walk was full of these moments...