Rough thoughts about the universe


I like those surprising moments when you come across things you didn’t know you were looking for and they take you further along your way. One of those moments was when I was looking for something work related on the Eventbrite website and one of the first events featured was this Louise Bourgeois-inspired drawing class.

The Louise Bourgeois exhibition I saw in Berlin some months ago was one of my most inspiring experiences in recent years. And to find it was another one of those surprising moments when the universe sends you the information you need.

It happened when I was in Berlin looking for interesting exhibitions. I found this, but also found out that it would only start after I had already left Berlin. But deep in my gut or heart I knew I had to see this exhibition. So I did, and it made a deep impression on me.

And recently, another such moment. After talking to my sister recently about the important things in life, I was looking for exhibitions in the area where I live and came across Helen Frankenthaler’s exhibition. She was a painter in the circle of another painter whom I have admired for many years, but never had the opportunity to see some of her (huge) paintings. And now it is this exhibition, and again I feel I should see her paintings and learn something about her.

I think the important thing is to trust your gut and really make some effort to take what it leads you to. To be curious and awake and open for what your body tells you is the right thing for you to do. Then you receive all these messages from the universe.

Der Autor

I'm a communications professional and collage enthusiast living in the Ruhr region in Germany.