Ready for Beginner’s Mind: Making comics

Lynda Barry „Making Comics“ (Foto: Carmen Radeck)

I’ve started a second attempt for #5 of my 22for2022 project: drawing a comic. I can’t think of a better teacher than Lynda Barry. I’d started drawing earlier this year with the Kindle version of her book „Making Comics“. 

But this book makes no sense as an ebook. So I got myself a printed copy and am starting again. We’ll see where that takes me. Definitely lots of room for improvement. And to be ready for going back to beginner’s mind.

First excercise (each session) is to draw a „selfie“ on an index card for 3-4 minutes. Very important thing: to draw a frame first: „The frame is important“, says Lynda Barry. „Inside of the frame is the ‚live area‘ – a place where something can happen. Outside the Fram is just paper. The frame is the enlivener.“

Be ready for beginner’s mind. Some exercises and the framed self portrait frame on the right. (Foto: Carmen Radeck)

About the author

Carmen Radeck

Carmen is a journalist, podcaster and passionate activist for the start-up scene in the Ruhr region. She has been running the startup blog RuhrGründer since 2014 and is co-founder of events such as RuhrSummit, Fuckup Nights Ruhrgebiet and Female Founders Ruhr.

By Carmen Radeck