22 for 2022

Foto: Carmen Radeck

I have a wonderful friend who’s a great list maker. With her 22 for 2022 list she got me and I’ve made one on my own.

It’s not meant to be a bucket list but more an inspiration to do some great things over the year.

I’m going to check the progress once a month on my NOW-Page.

Here we go!

  1. Take a beginner bouldering course
  2. Read 22 books
  3. Teach my dog Cooper a new trick
  4. Learning how to play Rock Steady on the drums
  5. Drawing a comic
  6. Getting one Health checkup per quarter
  7. Swim naked in the ocean
  8. Go jogging 22 times
  9. Go to the movies 5 times
  10. Sit in front of a piece of art for 3 hours – inspired by Oliver Burkeman’s book
  11. Go to the museum 5x
  12. Go to the opera
  13. Go to a concert
  14. Read a classic
  15. Take a solo day hike
  16. Do a multi-day hike
  17. Do a puzzle with at least 500 pieces
  18. Clean out and reorganize my books
  19. Take a trip with my parents
  20. Learn Lullaby of Birdland on the piano
  21. Write an essay
  22. Write a haiku every day for 30 days

About the author

Carmen Radeck

Carmen is a journalist, podcaster and passionate activist for the start-up scene in the Ruhr region. She has been running the startup blog RuhrGründer since 2014 and is co-founder of events such as RuhrSummit, Fuckup Nights Ruhrgebiet and Female Founders Ruhr.

By Carmen Radeck